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Some background information about myself and why I chose to write on Medium

  • I am someone who loves traveling — I love love love to travel, and COVID-19 has brought my traveling goals to a halt. However, during this period, I have found a new passion in writing and sharing my life goals and experiences (I hope I’ll be able to converse with each of you guys who read this post about finance and how you guys manage them)

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What is minimalism?

Minimalism is about how we view and structure our lives and revolves our life around only necessities.

Being a minimalist helps us realize what we need to enjoy what we have instead of wanting more. A lot of people correlate being a minimalist with being someone frugal or cheap. There may be some similarities, but it is not entirely true.

Being a minimalist makes life more fulfilling and less stressful because we will declutter our physical location and our state of mind. …

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Compounding works best when we get ourselves invested as early as possible because time is the best ingredient for compound interest. If we can invest 5–10 years earlier than our peers, our net worth will worth at least 50% more than them even if we invested the same amount of money over the next 20–30 years till retirement.

Compounding our money and letting it grow for our retirement should be the top priority for everyone. …

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There are some questions and assumptions in our heads when people get us to buy insurance. They are

  • Why is it so important to get insured?
  • Is the insurance just a sham for us to spend more money?
  • Is getting insurance want or a need?
  • What type of insurance should we get them?
  • How helpful is insurance in our life?
  • Insurance does not help since we are still in our twenties.

In this article, we will talk about the importance of getting insured, how it benefits ourselves and our family members and why it is better to get it as…

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We cannot predict financial thunderstorms (crisis & recessions). Nevertheless, we can plan to have our raincoat and umbrellas ready when it comes.

Building up a rainy day fund helps to pay for expected bills that may come up, which could be too overwhelming for us to handle.

Having a rainy day fund also makes us feel at ease because we know we can afford to pay them off without taking out a personal loan and a credit card loan which could rack up a high interest in the future.

Planning and building up a rainy day fund also builds up…

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When we start writing on Medium, we may not realize the importance of setting up an index page for our profile.

Setting up an index page allows us to

  1. Showcase our writing topics in one post
  2. Allow readers to search easily for what we write about
  3. It allows our profile page to be indexed by the search engine so that it increases visibility
  4. Readers appreciate our page index because it lessens their work to search for the type of articles we write about

How do we set up an index page then? An index page would include

  1. Main headers for…

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Background Information

I am from Singapore, and I love traveling, but COVID-19 has brought my traveling goals to a halt. However, despite not traveling, I found a new passion in writing and would like to share my life goals, experiences, and what I set out to achieve for the upcoming few years with my readers.

To read more about my background.

Goal-setting Challenge

This year, I have set out various goals for myself, and one of them would be to challenge myself to write one piece of deeply researched work every week regarding finance topics to publish.

I have decided to focus on one…

Feeling grateful, and optimistic about the future. /Photo of Author at Zaanse Schans (Amsterdam)

I would like to take this chance to personally thank:

Thank you so much for accepting me into the publications and sharing my thoughts in words.

I am glad to share more about various finance tips like how…

Vincent Ong

Finance, economics, debt and wealth management. I write about life experiences, investing, debt, and all things related to money.

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